One of the year’s biggest sleeper hits is now on Xbox Game P…

We’ve learned which games are coming to Xbox Game Pass between now and December 15th, and it’s a great batch. A few titles are hitting Microsoft’s subscription service as they launch over the next few weeks, but the biggest standout in this group of games is one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2023: relic 2 From Gunfire Games and Gearbox Entertainment. The best part is that it started the service today.

Remnant II is a multiversal soulslike shooter that was released on PC and consoles in July. Although it flew under the radar before release, Remnant II was a surprise hit, selling 2 million copies within two months of launch. In particular, we praised the game’s compelling boss design, as well as its first DLC pack for making the scope bigger and bolder. It’s also a looter shooter with roguelite elements, so if you’re looking for a new game that will keep you occupied for dozens of hours during the holidays, this sleeper hit is a great choice. Its predecessor, 2019, is Remains: from the ashesNow also available through Xbox Game Pass if you want to see where this series started.

Notably, Xbox Game Pass Core is also getting two new additions to its game roster – bravery 2 And Completely reliable delivery service – On 6th December. For a look at what’s coming to major editions of Xbox Game Pass over the next few weeks, check out the list of December Xbox Game Pass titles below:

  • soul of the north – 1 December
  • steamworld build – 1 December
  • Clone drone in danger zone – 5th December
  • rise of the tomb raider – 5th December
  • while the iron is hot – 5th December
  • World War Z: Aftermath – 5th December
  • goat simulator 3 – 7th December
  • against the storm – 8th December
  • tin heart – 12th December
  • far cry 6 – 14 December

As happens every 15 days, some games are unfortunately leaving the service on December 15th. Chained Echoes, Opus Magnum, Potion Craft: Alchemist SimulatorAnd rubber bandit Those are the titles.

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