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Microsoft said that Teams has received a ground-up redesign, which

Using Microsoft Teams to talk to your coworkers is very simple thanks to the built-in chat feature. You can chat with your teammates, share documents, and even initiate voice calls when needed.

Its initial design focused on communication between team members, hence the name, however, being able to talk with other businesses or customers can be limited with Microsoft Teams. Now, thanks to a recent update, you can invite people to Microsoft Teams via SMS for free. In fact, you can start an SMS conversation with participants from many countries, including Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, India, Mexico, and the US.

How to send SMS in Teams

Starting an SMS conversation is really simple:

  1. choose new chat In Microsoft Teams.
  2. Enter the telephone number of the participant to whom you want to send SMS To: Field.
  3. Enter participant name in add contact name Field.
  4. Send your first message to create a one-to-one SMS chat.

The participant you are sending the SMS to will receive an SMS from Microsoft Teams. This will signal to them that you want to chat. If they want to accept, they can click on the link provided in the SMS to join the teams through the app.

How to start a group SMS chat in Teams

As well as starting individual SMS chats, you can invite multiple participants to an SMS group chat. Actually, the process is quite similar to starting a group chat on WhatsApp or Messenger.

  1. choose new chat In Microsoft Teams.
  2. Choose new group chat Option.
  3. You can take or add a photo to apply to the group. When you’re done, selectnext,
  4. Enter the phone number of the participant you want to add to the group To: Field.
  5. Enter participant name in add contact name Field.
  6. Repeat the above steps to add more members to the chat.

To finish creating a group SMS chat in Microsoft Teams, simply send a message in the chat. All invited SMS participants will receive an SMS from Microsoft informing them that they have been added to the group chat.

If you have an existing group chat to which you want to add other participants, you can do so by clicking on the name of the group chat and then selecting the option Add people.

How to link your Android phone to Teams

You can also link your Android device to Microsoft Teams, making it easy to manage meetings and communications from one place. This will aggregate your SMS messages, contacts and Meet links into one easy-to-access location instead of bouncing them between devices and platforms.

  1. On your Windows 11 device, open Chats from the taskbar.
  2. choose What’s new and more At the top of the chat window, then select Link your phone.
  3. When the QR code appears on your desktop, use your phone to scan the QR code.
  4. Enter the verification code you see on your desktop and enter it on your phone, followed by your Microsoft Account (MSA) password.

You will need to accept permission notifications on your Android device to access features like Teams SMS, Contacts, etc.

Once you link your Android phone to Teams, you can see the SMS messages as below recent,

If you no longer want to link your Android phone to Teams, you can unlink it.

  1. On your Windows 11 device, open Chats from the taskbar.
  2. choose open teams,
  3. Go to More options at the top of the window and select Settings > Mobile devices.
  4. choose option Disconnect SMS Message To unlink your Android device in Teams.

After connecting your Android phone to Microsoft Teams using Link to Windows, you can easily access your contacts. Here you can read, reply and receive SMS notifications. It also enables you to create a meet link so you can start a video chat whether they’re in Teams or not.

Third-party SMS solutions for Microsoft Teams

Screenshot of the Text Bot app displayed in the Teams App Store.
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Instead of simply inviting clients and coworkers to Teams via SMS, there are third-party apps like Text Bot that actually allow you to text, SMS, and MMS in and out of Teams.,

Text bots allow you to send messages that get delivered directly to teams. Any replies via text will be shown in Teams, and replies will be sent to the text number.

YakChat SMS is another third-party app that allows you to send and receive SMS messages from Teams and connect with all your contacts.

You can download any of these apps by clicking the Apps menu item in the Teams sidebar. From there, simply find and select the app Add To install it.

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