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While PS Plus subscribers wait to see which titles will be available in December, the clock is counting down for those subscribers who haven’t already claimed the three titles available this month. Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragonball: The BreakersAnd alien fireteam elite All of these are available through PS Plus until December 4th. While you should claim all three while you still can, you should especially make sure you get them Mafia II: Definitive Edition before it’s too late.

original version of Mafia II hit consoles in 2010, while remastered Mafia II: Definitive Edition Came after 10 years. Neither version is without flaws, and if you’re expecting a game as good or as polished as a Grand Theft Auto game, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a short crime story that you can finish between longer games, there’s more than enough here. Mafia II To recommend playing it.

band of brothers

Mafia II’Its best asset in 2010 was its story, and the same is true for the Definitive Edition. The game is played as a mixture of Saint And goodfellas, It may not be groundbreaking, but it has enough plot and characters to bring players through the game’s story. Some fans may not appreciate how linear it is, but it allows the story to never end and it actually lets gamers worry about their heroes when their good fortune inevitably turns sour. .

The story primarily takes place just after World War II, as players step into the role of Vito Scaletta and help guide him towards a lucrative life in the Clemente crime family. It’s Vito’s journey, but it’s also the story of his best friend, Joe Barbero, who helped Vito join the family. Joe gets his own side story too joe’s adventuresWhich was originally released as DLC.

Joe and Vito in Mafia II Definitive Edition.
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Vito and Joe have really bad luck, but they both have to move forward or die. Neither Vito nor Joe are going to stab each other in the back, and that’s refreshing in this world. They can rely on each other even when they are in trouble – they may not necessarily be able to extend the same level of trust to someone else.

Apart from its memorable story, Mafia Second Features some familiar open-world gameplay that Grand Theft Auto fans will love. However, temper your expectations; Empire Bay City is a far cry from GTA’s Liberty City or San Andreas. The world may not be that big, but it’s still fascinating to see 1945 and 1951 in an exploratory game world. As a bonus, the relatively small sandbox is easy to carry, making it much less tiring than many of its modern counterparts. This does not mean that traveling in older cars is more stylish.

Considering that there were not many sports that were committed to being held in the US in the mid-20th century, Mafia II: Definitive Edition It still holds up as a special little experience. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a good story or just kill some time grand theft auto 6Be sure to claim your copy before it drops on PS Plus next week.

Mafia II Definitive Edition Available on PS Plus until December 4th.

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