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Long rumored that The Legend of Zelda live-action movie is actually happening, Nintendo has confirmed that it is officially in production. This is a logical step super mario bros movie, one of the highest-grossing films of the year. It seems that video game adaptations are more in fashion than ever – seemingly dethroning superhero movies in the process – and it’s undeniably exciting to see more and more of my favorite franchises making their way to the big screen. Are.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

It’s not the talent behind the movies. Writer Derek Connolly did a good job adapting the video game world to live-action detective pikachu, director Wes Ball has experience adapting a beloved property to film with the Maze Runner series, and Avi Arad has worked on some of my favorite superhero films. What concerns me, however, is the fan service-heavy approach that made it super mario bros movie Click with me After some initial disappointments, this is not a formula that could be as satisfying if repeated with The Legend of Zelda film. It’s a completely different animal.

more than fan service

super mario bros movie This is a movie that relies heavily on fan service and nostalgia. It is neither a very long film, nor very deep in terms of content. This is a film that is easy to pick apart, and many critics have done so. It’s also a movie made for video game fans like me to turn off their brains and enjoy. I enjoyed it even more super mario bros movie When I was looking at the background of the Easter eggs and guessing what characters, power-ups, or iconic locations would be in it next instead of critically evaluating every little part of it.

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Obviously, many others were able to do the same with the film, which led to tremendous box office returns. However, with a film based on The Legend of Zelda, this approach will only get Nintendo so far. The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most narrative-focused series, with a complex timeline filled with distinctive characters and settings. When I think of The Legend of Zelda adaptation, I expect something that respects the material like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings or the early MCU films, not the grab bag full of references that I love so much. Should not be taken seriously.

Mario and Peach walk into a mushroom field in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
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Considering that the film will be in live action, it wouldn’t make sense to condense the series’ diverse history into a single film as Nintendo and Illumination did. super mario bros movie, The King of Red Lions, seeing Skull Kid and Sidon playing Ocarina, Wind Waker and Ultrahand together to help Link defeat Ganon – or something equally absurd – is that kind of moment. super mario bros movie Would not be above doing. A Zelda movie needs to reject that desire for fan service, otherwise it’ll be just as memorable. hyrule warrior,

Of course, Nintendo has a lot of iconography to draw from. Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf all seem like definite inclusions in a Legend of Zelda movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if characters like Navi and Tingle play important roles in the film. Seeing them all on the big screen will produce fleeting moments of joy, but I take the story and narrative of The Legend of Zelda more seriously than the Super Mario Bros. franchise. I think a lot of players are in the same boat as me.

i can see super mario bros movie And don’t care that it doesn’t completely match up with the stories of super mario sunshine Or donkey kong country, I would have a more challenging time being okay with an approach in a live-action Legend of Zelda adaptation that ignores the precedent of games like Ocarina of Time, Wind WakerAnd breath of the wild,

Link waving in wind waker hd.

In The Legend of Zelda movie, I’m going to care a lot about the quality of the writing, the acting, and the tonal and thematic coherence of the story. Nintendo can make direct conversions of games like Ocarina of Time Or breath of the wild, but it would feel more uninspired, boring, and not in line with the creativity and innovative spirit that Nintendo is known for. To make The Legend of Zelda movie the best it can be, Ball may need to create completely original lore and characters that fit within the framing of the franchise, which is a much more challenging task as people compare it to things that exist in the games. Will do from. tears of state,

I still want some fan service and recognizable iconography, as that’s a big part of what makes most video game adaptations enjoyable, but live-action adaptations of franchises like The Legend of Zelda require more thematically compelling execution. it occurs. Hopefully, this is what we get whenever it hits theatres.

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